Voting Campaign Basel 2030

The Climatejustice Initative Basel2030 will be voted on by the people of Basel in September 2022. We have to get the word out there - net-zero 2030 is possible!

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Voting Campaign Climatejustice Intiative Basel 2030

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The committee of the Climatjustice Initative Basel 2030 includes representatives from politics, culture, education, trade unions and the energy and environmental sectors. The initiative is also supported by KlimaBündnis Basel, an alliance of around 20 groups in the climate movement.

Projektplan // Plan du projet // Piano del progetto // Project plan

In September 2022 (most probable date at the moment) the Climatejustice Initiative Basel2030 will be voted on by the people of Basel. It is crucial for us to have a really strong voting campaign and to be seen and heard everywhere in Basel, as our opponents will be present with a strong campaign as well. Therefore we have put together a voting campaign with many actions that are for free but also some expenses for things that are important to be visible in a political campaign like posters, flyers, social media paid posts, newspaper articles etc. With this voting campaign we will get known in the whole society, not only in our movement.

Kontext // Contexte // Contesto // Context

There is no time to wait - we have to reach net zero as soon as possible. The counter proposal will be later, most probably 2040. We have to convince people that it is important to act faster and to be a good example for other regions to follow.

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The Climatejustice Initative Basel2030 will be known and seen everywhere in Basel, this will motivate more people to vote and hopefully for us to win.

Nachhaltigkeit // Durabilité // Sostenibilità // Sustainability

Our initiative is supported by the Klimabündnis Basel, an alliance of more than 20 climate movements. If we win this voting, everybody wins and it will be a great success for the climate movement in Basel and as a whole, which again will strengthen the movement.

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Print flyers1 500 - 3 000 CHF
Print posters (Kulturbox, activists, maybe APG)870 - 1 500 CHF
Hang posters (Kulturbox, Activists, maybe APG)700 - 6 200 CHF
Promopost flyer dispatch7 500 - 15 000 CHF
Promopost flyer print3 500 - 7 000 CHF
Newspaper ads1 200 - 3 000 CHF
Social Media Ads800 - 1 500 CHF
Video Testimonials400 - 450 CHF
Stickers750 - 800 CHF
Summer event for members of our association300 - 500 CHF
Total17 520 - 38 950 CHF

Existing funds

Funds from different sources8 667 CHF
Total8 667 CHF
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
8 853 CHF (stretch goal: 30 283 CHF)

17 117 CHF

funded of 17 520 CHF goal

basel2030 contributed 4 500 CHF

davidou contributed 500 CHF

to contributed 950 CHF

collectif breakfree contributed 500 CHF

climatestrike wg finance contributed 2 000 CHF