Inter-movement strategic sharings and tactical trainings with activists/trainers from Germany, France and Spain

We want to organize moments of strategy & tactics learnings with some key activists from Germany, France and Spain to improve our collective skills.

Titel des Projektes, der Aktivität // Titre du projet, de l'activité // Titolo del progetto, attività // Title of the project, of the activity

Inter-movement strategic sharings and tactical trainings with activists/trainers from Germany, France and Spain

Informationen zur Antragsteller*in // Informations sur le demandeur // Informazioni sul richiedente // Applicant Information

BreakFree Switzerland is a collective which is fighting for climate justice against fossil finance, in connection with various allies in Switzerland and beyond.

We are mainly targeting the Swiss fossil finance (private and public banks but also some asset managers and pension funds). We are co-organizing mobilisations in Geneva and in other cities in the country. We are part of the Rise Up For Change alliance.

We have developped links with some ecofeminists & immigrants groups in Geneva and with indigenous collectives & movement in Latin & North America. We are supporting indigenous and local communities rights.

Projektplan // Plan du projet // Piano del progetto // Project plan

We want to organize the welcoming of 3 delegations (including 2 to 4 people each) from the Spanish, German and French social movement, during 3 different rounds for each delegation, between December and February.

Each round will be based on 2 days of sharing & training, in a place as central and interested by the content of the sharings, as possible.

We will hold during eact round 1 interactive conference (50 to 100 participants) + 12 hours of training (around 20 participants).

Each group of participants to the workshops will come from various places (including 2 of the 3 cultural region of Switzerland) of the country and has the mission to share their knowledge during at least 1 online debrieffing.

DELEGATIONS CONTENT & LEARNING OBJECTIVES (some objectives can change due to new proposal from the delegation or a request from the organizing groups)

From Spain: learning about the municipalist & ecofeminist movement in Spain + learnings on their communication guerrilla tactics allowing them to roll back some of the main spanish banksters.

From France: learning about how L’Affaire du Siècle has been organized as a campaign + how is set a new dynamic of transversal support to a large diversity of local struggles (SuperLocal next step) + how is also organized the concrete crossover between the climate movement and the Justice for Adama Traoré (Black Live Matter in France) movement.

From Germany : learning about how the expropriation initiative victory in Berlin has been organized + what organizing methods they have exprimented - Two-day workshop on global strategy and organizing in concrete everyday practice.

Kontext // Contexte // Contesto // Context

Our climate movement scored some local and national victories over fatalism and over the big polluters but we need to get some new inspiration, to face many new challenges, create new strategies and connect with new tactics.

No surprise : thinking outside the box can work well. In 2017, we organized in Geneva an interactive conference open to all + a discussion in smaller group then a training workshop with 2 activists and trainers from the Spanish 15M movement to initiate 10-15 of us (including some of our allies in the farmer & feminist movement) to their ecosystem building + guerrilla communication methods during a 1 day workshop. Among others, one of the main follow-up to this workshop was the RogerWakeUp round of action.

Ergebnisse // Résultats // Risultati // Results

Organize 3 round of sharing with 9 amazing activists and trainers from 3 different countries, with 150 to 300 participants to the interactive conferences and 60 participants to the workshops. We will learn, set bridges and to boost the use of new strategy and tactics by the swiss climate movement.

Nachhaltigkeit // Durabilité // Sostenibilità // Sustainability

The projet will help the swiss climate movement to find new ways to achieve its diversity of goals. It will improve the quality of our strategy discussion and the efficiency of the tactics we could use. It will also allow us to be connected and work with new people outside and inside switzerland movement, interested by what the foreign activists are developing and by the support we can provide.



Transport2 300 - 2 600 CHF
Intervention cost (salary)2 880 - 3 000 CHF
Food800 - 1 000 CHF
Room rental (conference/workshops)1 200 - 1 500 CHF
Total7 180 - 8 100 CHF
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
7 180 CHF (stretch goal: 8 100 CHF)

7 800 CHF

funded of 7 180 CHF goal

climatestrike wg finance contributed 80 CHF

davidou contributed 1 000 CHF

collectif breakfree contributed 2 320 CHF

basel2030 contributed 1 200 CHF

jean luc gerard contributed 1 000 CHF

jean luc gerard contributed 1 000 CHF

to contributed 1 200 CHF

Funded on January 31, 2022

Completed on January 31, 2022