Large format puppets and mobile sculptures for climate mobilisation

Creative project to boost the attractiveness of the climate justice events by benefiting from the contribution of a Colombian ecofeminist artist.

Titel des Projektes, der Aktivität // Titre du projet, de l'activité // Titolo del progetto, attività // Title of the project, of the activity

Large format puppets and mobile sculptures for climate mobilisation

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BreakFree Switzerland is a collective which is fighting for climate justice against fossil finance, in connection with various allies in Switzerland and beyond.

We are mainly targeting the Swiss fossil finance (private and public banks but also some asset managers and local pension funds). We are co-organizing mobilisations in Geneva and in other cities in the country. We are part of the Rise Up For Change alliance.

We have developped links with some ecofeminists & immigrants groups in Geneva and with indigenous collectives & movement in Latin & North America. We are supporting indigenous and local communities rights.

Projektplan // Plan du projet // Piano del progetto // Project plan

We will organize two creation workshops in two territories of the country. The first one will take place in mid-October in Geneva and will be co-organized with the Geneva Climate Strike and other partners.

The second one will be held in a second territory chosen for its ease of access and its capacity of reception. Its organization is open to members of the swiss climat movement. Both will be animated by a young Colombian artist and will welcome between 10 and 20 people.

The large puppets will be lent to the rest of the movement as needed.

Kontext // Contexte // Contesto // Context

After 2 years of COVID19 the mobilisation capacity of the Swiss climate movement has decreased. In the same time, our messages and forms of mobilisation sometimes seem too conventional to appeal to a wider audience than our activist or circles of close sympathisers.

The project allows us to work with a Colombian ecofeminist artist who is currently completing her training at the Geneva School of Design. She proposes to work with us on the realization of large puppets with strong symbolic potential.

Ergebnisse // Résultats // Risultati // Results

We expect this project to increase our collective capacity to mobilize. More concretely: the organization of two workshops of creation in two territories of the country; the creation of 4 puppets or mobile sculptures of big size and the initiation of more than twenty persons connected to the Swiss climate movement to the technique of creation.

Nachhaltigkeit // Durabilité // Sostenibilità // Sustainability

The Swiss climate movement must demonstrate its capacity to involve all age groups and to connect the different cultures that make up the richness of the Swiss population.

We lack attractive materials and do not offer enough creative activities with high symbolic potential. And yet there is no lack of talent and resources around us. The proposed project aims to increase our collective creativity and attraction.

The creation of giant puppets and/or mobile mobilisation sculptures appeals to the imagination of those who watch them. Such objects borrow from the popular world of carnival, can be connected with other cultures and easily capture attention. They can convey strong messages and emotions during street mobilisations or gatherings.

They also involve collective practical activity, an alternative form of commitment to the cause of climate justice that we consider important.

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Example of the creative process that inspired Maria Fernanda, the artist associated with the project:



Material800 - 1 100 CHF
Artist's salary1 500 - 1 600 CHF
Organization cost of workshops300 - 500 CHF
Transport200 - 300 CHF
Total2 800 - 3 500 CHF
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
2 800 CHF (stretch goal: 3 500 CHF)

3 500 CHF

funded of 2 800 CHF goal

climatestrike wg finance contributed 700 CHF

collectif breakfree contributed 1 300 CHF

basel2030 contributed 750 CHF

to contributed 750 CHF