People for climate justice & against fossil finance, Geneva October 2021

We plan to organize in October a creative & inclusive gathering in front of the UN in Geneva to speak out for climate justice and against fossil finance.

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Amplifying mobilizations in Geneva on the eve of COP26: People for climate justice & a fossil finance shift

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Collective BreakFree Switzerland / Contact point : Guillaume Durin & Valentine Fueter Ohanessian

Projektplan // Plan du projet // Piano del progetto // Project plan

We want to co-organize a very symbolic moment & action close by the UN in Geneva during the fall, linked to the Friday for Future call to support climate justice on October 22th this year.

The moment will be also linked to an international round of targeting over fossil finance the same month (involving the Stop the Money Pipeline coalition, the Future coalition and others in various countries).

We will invite and welcome those in the Swiss climate movement who wish to take advantage of the international dimension of the city to forge new links with affected communities and want to keep the pressure on against fossil finance.

We will help some first lines groups fighting against fossil fuel extractivism to express their demands and their vision of climate justice through an artivist performance and some broadcasted audio messages.

Kontext // Contexte // Contesto // Context

After a summer full of new climate catastrophies, the COP26 will be a moment of focus. Swiss media will talk about climate crisis way more if they've got impressive images (pictures and films) linked to Switzerland.

The municipal executive of the city of Geneva allowed us to organize this year a giant mural in the very middle of finance district. Everything went very well. We think we can get another "green light" of this kind in another place of the city.

Ergebnisse // Résultats // Risultati // Results

We expect to increase mobilization and pressure around the issues of climate justice and the transformation of fossil finance. We want to get a large national media coverage (articles in Romandie and German speaking part of Switzerland). We want to work with 2 to 6 groups connected to the Swiss climate movement, and 2 to 4 groups outside of it.

Nachhaltigkeit // Durabilité // Sostenibilità // Sustainability

The proposed action will allow us to intensify the links between different groups participating in the Swiss climate movement and the international movement for climate justice.

It will make the fight we are leading in Switzerland and elsewhere more visible. It will allow us to include people who are not already part of the movement but have been recently concerned by the climate crisis.



Communication (posters, flyers, pictures, video)1 700 - 2 000 CHF
Action (equipement, artists)800 - 1 000 CHF
Transport1 500 - 2 000 CHF
Total4 000 - 5 000 CHF
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
4 000 CHF (stretch goal: 5 000 CHF)

4 000 CHF

funded of 4 000 CHF goal

collectif breakfree contributed 4 000 CHF